The GPS for
your financial plansm

Creating opportunities to help clients add value to their lives using strategies to improve cash-flow - reduce taxes - and enhance the value of their assets over time.

A strategic alliance of financial services resource centers positioned to support our continuing commitment to improving the financial well-being of our clients over time.

Wealth Development Group, LLC. was formed as the umbrella entity for our existing companies to enable us to become more focused in responding to our clientís needs. We believe this arrangement enables us to support our ongoing commitment to helping our clients achieve their life style goals over time.

In addition to the products and services to which Wealth Development Group, LLC. has access, each of our affiliated entities is positioned to provide products, programs and services in specific areas of our practice, and is consistent with the quality of services our clients have enjoyed over the past years. They are.....

Advanced Benefit Concepts - a fee-based consultancy to business owners - providing cost effective business development, entity analysis, succession planning and tax management strategies.

Qualified Plan Services - a fee-based 3rd party plan facilitator dedicated to helping clients design, implement & administer planned giving programs for legacy creation opportunities.

As always, we continue to offer the resources needed to support our clientís ongoing family, business, community and financial goals and objectives. Some of these important services are:

Securities & Investment Advisory Services
Qualified Retirement Plans
Life Insurance & Annuities
Family Legacy Planning
Long Term Care Insurance
Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACís)
Pre-and Post- Retirement Income Planning

We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the products, programs and services they will need to help them achieve their personal, financial and legacy goals.